Winning Account Strategies

Give your salespeople the strategic edge they need in the all-or-nothing world of customer relationship management.

Today’s salespeople play a high-stakes game—accounts can be won or lost to competitors not just until the next fiscal year, but for good.

Your ever-changing business climate makes long-term customer relationships more important than ever. To develop those relationships, your salespeople need to sell strategically, they need to understand everything about an account, and they need to utilize rigorous strategic methods to secure business—and keep it.

That’s why they need Winning Account Strategies™, a workshop designed for salespeople and managers who already possess a solid foundation in sales call skills, but are ready for the next step: a more strategic approach to maximizing sales opportunities and relationships with key customers.

This dynamic workshop—validated by recent AchieveGlobal sales performance research—teaches a five-step process for developing an account strategy. It introduces new concepts, tools, and tactics salespeople can use to build solid, lasting customer relationships in today’s competitive marketplace.

Your salespeople will:

  • Become more efficient at generating higher revenues more quickly.
  • Learn critical strategies and tactics for acquiring—and keeping—new business.
  • Increase their effectiveness by becoming strategic, knowledgeable, trusted advisors.
  • Leverage their colleagues’ experience with real account situations, contributing to sales success.

Your customers will:

  • Develop lasting relationships with salespeople who understand their business realities and challenges.
  • Be provided with solutions that address their specific organizational and personal needs.
  • Get their business issues addressed because of the salesperson’s focus on aligned solutions.

Your organization will:

  • Increase its success in winning new business and maintaining customer loyalty.
  • Decrease costs through efficient, effective, strategic use of selling time.
  • Reinforce organizational goals through its sales strategies.