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ELAvate! Sales Strategies

Building a High Performance Sales Organisation

Building a Sales Team that Sells

CXO Employing Sales Competency Profiles as a Competitive Advantage

Designing and Implementing Sales Scorecards

Developing Sales Strategy Maps

Inspiring the Right Sales Attitudes

The Little Red Book of Selling
The top selling sales book of all time comes alive in this full day course that produces business people – not salespeople – who can build profitable relationships using ideas and value instead of outdated tricks and tactics.


ELAvate! Sales Coaches Effectiveness

21 Irrefutable Laws of Sales Leadership

Bridging Sales Strategies to Outcomes

Coaching Key Account Development

Coaching Different Personalities

Conducting Virtual Sales Meeting

Inner Departmental Managing Skills

Interviewing and Hiring for Sales Success

Professional Sales Coaching

Refining and Communicating Collaborative Sales Goals


ELAvate! Frontline Sales Performance

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless

The definitive course on Customer Service. Shift your team’s paradigm forever on how they see and serve your customers. The outcome of this course can be summed up in three words – “customers for life.”

Effective Sales Presentation

ELAvate! Your Self Leadership

Professional Selling Skills »

Professional Sales Negotiations

Professional Prospecting Skills

Professional Tele Selling Skills

Selling Skills for Bankers

Selling to Different Personalities

The Little Black Book of Connections
Higher revenue begins with your team’s ability to network and connect with creativity and confidence. Give them the systems, ideas, and skills they need to grow relationships and earn referrals quickly.

The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude
A pep talk lasts a day – a YES! Attitude lasts a lifetime. Invest in your people, not just your program, by fostering a team of self-driven superstars who are consistently happy, pumped up, and performing at the top of their game.

Winning Account Strategies »

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