Ratna Locke

Photo of Ratna LockeRatna Locke

Training Performance Consultant

Ratna Locke is truly passionate about people. During corporate employment, she majored in training and developed her organisations’ human resource. She earned her Honours in Bachelor of Economics from University Malaya and subsequently a post‐graduate Diploma in Personnel Management from the Singapore Institute of Management.

In 1989, she joined PepsiCo Singapore’s Regional operations and there experienced a range of postings, from restaurant operations and the full spectrum of HR responsibilities, culminating in managing the Management Training Division for the entire Regional HQ, encompassing both operations as well as executive administrative positions.

Whilst at PepsiCo Singapore, she specialised in recruitment and selection and collaborated with Target Training Institute to design an in‐house selection process that increased the effectiveness for the selection of operations personnel. This resulted in an overall much increased retention rate of the operations staff.

Recognising her talent in developing in‐house programs, she was reassigned to the Management Training Division, responsible for their training needs analysis, developing their in‐house management development curriculum, sourcing for appropriate external training courses, conducting the in‐house training sessions, managing the training budget as well as data management.

Having left corporate employment, she now dedicates a major portion of her time as the co‐founder of LEAD Consultancy, where she assists her husband, Dr Simon Locke. She manages the administration; helps develop their customised training materials and conducts training in the areas of leadership education and development as well as its related profiling tools.