Derek Henson

Photo of Derek HensonDerek Henson

Senior Training Performance Consultant

Derek is an accredited master trainer with more than 15 years of experience in delivering Sales Performance, Leadership, Customer Service, Executive Coaching, and Change Management programmes.

Derek served as an officer in the Singapore Armed Forces before joining Changi International Airport Services in 1985. Working in Operations, Human Resources and Training, Derek was responsible for developing and delivering in-house training programs for all levels of staff in Changi International Airport Services. Derek was also responsible for the customization, marketing and delivery of Sales, Service, and Management programs to a number of external organisations. In 1996 Derek joined AIG as a financial planner for 3 years before moving to AchieveGlobal.

During the course of his career, Derek has trained across the Asia Pacific region and as a result, he has an excellent understanding and appreciation for how business is conducted in multi-cultural settings.

Derek is frequently asked by companies to consult, assess, and to provide recommendations on how to improve business results through training. Derek is equally adept at communicating with participants in frontline positions as well as with seasoned business executives.

Derek enjoys helping others to learn and expand their capabilities. He has facilitated training for a wide range of participants including company directors, mid-level managers, salespersons, physicians, commercial, private and investment bankers, engineers, technical support staff, customer service reps, human resources managers and government officers.

Derek’s delivery experience includes clients in the Energy, Financial, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Technology, Retail and Supply Chain Industries.

The breadth and depth of Derek’s experience allow him to adapt his programmes to the needs of the participants in the room, leaving them with practical advice on how to improve performance and increase their own capability.