Why Generosity is Good for Business. (Adapted from GrowthPlay Blog)

By Michael J Griffin, ELAvate Founder, GrowthPlay Partner

A few years ago, I travelled to Atlanta, Georgia to meet the John Maxwell Team on expanding their leadership training across Asia. After we sat down for lunch, the then CEO, John Hull’s  first question he asked my team was “How may we help you? This moment of truth has stuck with me, that in sales and service relationships, we all need a mind-set of how can we help our clients be successful through being gracious serving, and generous.

GrowthPlay has written a blog on generosity in sales. Here is a summary of what they found. A recent article published by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley gathers the results of several studies to demonstrate five ways in which giving is actually good for you: It makes you happy, is good for your health, promotes cooperation and social connection, evokes gratitude, and is contagious. While we tend to view generosity as an act of altruism, it turns out the giver actually gains measurable benefits in the process as well.

Here at ELAvate, we coach our clients to think of sales as an act of service. Instead of viewing sales through a narrow transactional lens—asking, “What can this client do for me?”—we challenge our sales people to expand their view of interactions with colleagues, clients, and potential clients. By asking instead, “What can I do for this person?” and acting in the spirit of service without necessarily knowing whether that decision will pay off now or down the line, sales people can create new energy and new possibilities and I believe a competitive advantage of being a sales person that cares about his/her customers.

Let’s list out the generosity benefits listed in the Berkeley article onto the business context. Acts of generosity in your work interactions are good for business because:

Giving makes you happier. It’s as simple as that: helping others makes you feel good, which makes you happier. And clients like to work with happy people.

Giving is good for your health. Studies show that generous behaviors reduce stress hormones, among other physiological benefits. Stress interferes with clear thinking and long-term decision making. Less stress will make you better at your sales job.

Giving promotes social connection. No matter what business you’re in, referrals are likely your number-one source of new business. Giving creates good will and good word of mouth for you and your services. This is especially true in Asia where “Guanxi or Hubungan” are crucial to building trust to close the sale.

Giving evokes gratitude. As you act in service to others, your gratitude for your current clients and the projects you have the chance to work on will grow. That gratitude may even lead to new ideas for how you can serve your clients even better.

Giving is contagious. Your acts of generosity will inspire others to be generous too—generous to you and generous to yet more people, who will in turn give to others. In short, you could start a chain reaction within your field that inspires colleagues and clients to be gracious themselves.

It may not be easy to immediately quantify the results of generous behavior in terms of conversions and billings, but science does point to the tangible personal and social benefits of giving. It’s easy to see how embracing this new way of thinking—sales as an act of service—could drive real growth in the long term.

Have a Gracious Generous week!

About Michael Griffin

Michael is the CEO of ELAvate Global and Equipping Leaders for Asia Pte. Ltd. Over 40+ years, his career has revolved around developing leaders, especially sales leaders, in emerging nations. Mr. Griffin has spent the majority of his 40+ year career in Asia. His areas of expertise include Sales Productivity, Senior Executive Development, Cross Cultural Leadership, Strategy Mapping and Balanced Scorecard.

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