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What Kind of Sales Coach?

The Classification of Sales Coaches!

Being a world-class sales coach/manager is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Finding and retaining them can be even more difficult. On each end of the spectrum, producing and collaborating with a committed sales coach is a real motivator but working for a poor sales coach can be a lid limiting frustration.

Let’s Define a World-Class Sales Coach

A leader who proactively supports and guides sales people to develop healthy customer relationships that lead to a mutual win3 for the customer, the sales person and his/her sales organization.

Only work for sales coaches who live this definition on a day-to-day basis. These leaders are committed to your sales wins as they understand and appreciate that your sales success is their success as well. Let’s now take a look at the kind of sales managers you definitely do not want to work for.

Sales Blog #60 - What Kind of Sales Coach? - Rescuer | ELAvate Sales BlogThe Rescuer. This sales manager takes great pride in “saving the sale” that you might lose. They also take the credit when they close for you. The message is “You can’t be successful without me and by the way, saving your sales feeds my ego.”


Sales Blog #60 - What Kind of Sales Coach? - Critic | ELAvate Sales BlogThe Critic. Not understanding that sales coaching is a willingness to motivate and coach you to success, this manager believes that pointing out every mistake you make and with holding recognition of sales work done is the way to beat you into meeting your target. The Message is “You are never good enough.”


Sales Blog #60 - What Kind of Sales Coach? - Mother Hen | ELAvate Sales BlogThe Mother Hen. Besides having the ability to rescue, this sales manager believes that he/she is your protector from top management, their goals, and vision. They fight for you, hoping they gain your loyalty by protection from challenging activities, goals and targets. The message here is “I am your savior, come to me to do everything to protect your job.” Deep insecurity smothered with a hunger for power.

Sales Blog #60 - What Kind of Sales Coach? - Waiter | ELAvate Sales BlogThe Waiter. Now I do not mean a restaurant waiter! This sales manager never been much of a go getter, but he/she can wait out the organization and it’s sales team turnover to finally get the promotion to sales manager as there is no one in the organization with the seniority to promote but, you guessed it, the Waiter. The message is, “I am promoted because of my loyalty and am waiting for the time I can collect my pension. “

Sales Blog #60 - What Kind of Sales Coach? - Climber | ELAvate Sales BlogThe Climber. This person never really liked selling. They joined the organization for its prestige and eventual stability. They sell just enough to be recognized so they can be promoted to “the chair.” And with that chair comes the title and status of sales manager. Their purpose in life is to climb the corporate ladder of management with no concern or care for their team.

Sales Blog #60 - What Kind of Sales Coach? - Sales Manager Who Should Never have Been | ELAvate Sales BlogThe Sales Manager Who Should Never have Been. We have all seen this happen. The super salesman who always overachieves, a great networker, loved by everybody is promoted to become the “Super Sales Manager.” And fails….. This poor person was always an individual contributor, or lacked the maturity and skills to be a sales person motivator and driver of sales success. The message is some people are better and happier selling than coaching!

The message is very clear: only work for a world-class sales manager that is interested in developing you and your customers. Take this week and re assess what type of Sales Coach you are and if you are a sales person, the type of sales coach you work for. Then make a decision to get into a sales environment that grows you, your customer relationships, and the nurturing care of a world-class sales coach!

Have a great week!

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