Sales Blog #79 — The Laws of High Trust Selling

The Laws of High Trust Selling

Back in the late 2000’s, Todd Duncan wrote an interesting book called High Trust Selling. This book is a creative tribute by Todd to Dr. John Maxwell who had mentored him in leadership. Todd and John, like ELAvate, believe the foundation of all successful sales people is ethical leadership.

My sales team employs the “High Trust Laws of Selling” in Todd’s book as a motivational review of what it takes to be a skillful, yet motivated sales person.

Let’s review these laws and as you read them, rate yourself, then decide which laws of selling you may want to concentrate on to be more successful in 2017. I have also attached a summary from of the book High Trust Selling as a download for you to take a deeper dive into the laws before possibly reading the book.

The Laws of High Trust Selling by Todd Duncan

The Law of Iceberg
“The Truest Measure of Your Success Is Invisible to Your Clients”

My take on this is integrity based selling is the key to success.

The Law of the Summit
“Your Direction Is a Result of Your Perception”

Successful sales people have a strong sense of vision and purpose. You believe sales is a career and you love to sell!

The Law of the Shareholder
“Successful Salespeople Buy Stock in Themselves”

This is a favorite of mine. All sales people are running a business called “themselves.” Believe in yourself, your vision of success, and dont forget to invest in your own stock – Keep learning!

The Law of the Ladder
“The Success You Achieve Is Directly Related to the Steps You Conceive”

Successful people have a business plan that has actionable daily goals. The sales person is a navigator, using his goals as the stakes and ropes to climb the mountain. Failing forward in the an occassional valley and learning from our mistakes is key.

The Law of Leverage
“You’re Less Likely to Fail When You’ve Told Others You Will Succeed”

You can’t be successful alone. Have good experienced coaches/mentors guide you. If your sales managers is not one of them, move on.

The Law of the Hourglass
“You Must Make Your Moves Before Your Time Runs Out”

Every sales person only has 24 hours in a day. Be an effective self leader and manage your calendar, plan your days. Leave time for reflection and rest. Leave time for your family.

The Law of the Broom
“To Build Your Business Up, You Must First Clean It Up”

Besides time management, practice the Pareto Principle. Figure out what you need to “Give up to Go up.”

The Law of the Dress Rehearsal
“Practicing Your Lines Elevates the Level of Your Performance”

Sales people practice, just like sports pro’s practice. Move from just gaining sales knowledge to regularly scheduling selling skill practice from prospecting, to trust building, to negotiating to key account strategizing.

The Law of the Bull’s-Eye
“If You Don’t Aim for the Best Prospects, You’re Likely to Do Business with Any Prospect”

Prospecting is a productivity game, not a numbers game. Prospecting takes practice, passion for your solution, positive EQ, and a secure self that can keep persistence but handle rejection.

The Law of the Scale
“If You Want More Business, Have Fewer Clients”

What a paradox! Cultivate the mindset and focus to have fewer but more productive clients! Learn to say no to those customers who sap your success!

The Law of Courtship
“For a Relationship to Be Right on the Outside, It Must First Be Right on the Inside”

Selling is like dating, courtship and then marriage. Be a trusting, serving partner that walks with the customer to make mutually beneficial decisions on developing a long term relationship.

The Law of the Hook
“A Captivated Audience Stays to the End”

Create impact in the customer’s head and heart. Remember the acronym “IMPACT”: Inspirational, Motivational, Professional, Applicable, Considerate, Trustworthy.

The Law of Incubation
“The Most Profitable Relationships Mature over Time”

The adage “Give to get” is key here. Over time, continue to exceed customer expectations as every phase of the sales journey.

The Law of the Encore
“The Greater the Performance, thee Louder the Applause”

Repeat business comes from and excellent performance. Deliver what you promised, on time and above expectations. This is the best way to close for the next sale.

Well, how did you rank yourself across each High Trust Selling Law? Where might you need to improve? If you want a more in depth summary of this interesting insight into sales success, click on the link here.

Become that High Trust sales person this year. Doing so makes your success much more achievable. Have a great week as a Shareholder in your Sales Success!


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