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The Keep, Stop, Start Tool – Review Your Daily Job During Covid





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Covid and lockdown may have upended your daily life and your sales activities. We are normally are out and about, meeting customers, doing deals, or just networking to meet our sales goals. Maybe you are have become bored and have trouble starting your motivational engine.

You may find that what used to work in your daily active sales life doesn’t quite work during lockdown or possibly in the post Covid world. A good place to start is a review of your daily life or the daily work of the sales team you lead.

The Keep Stop Start Tool is a worksheet used to organize how you’ll summarize the key shifts in your job, your career, your life and possibly with the team you are leading through associated with change.

Lockdown requires you to integrate a great deal of new information about your job, your habits and processes. So it’s easy for you to miss out on key elements of new Covid and post Covid job and sales team expectations. If you have been affected by changes, you will benefit from a concise summary of job, life, and daily  requirements sorted into three categories: keep doing, stop doing, and start doing. There is a worksheet you can download at the end of this blog. Now let’s review how you use the Keep Start Stop Tool.


1. Select whether you will use the worksheet  or team for the focus of this worksheet.
Depending on the change, you may be able to summarize how expectations have changed for you or your sales team.

2. Create a summary of key responsibilities, actions, and behaviors to KEEP doing. Identify two or three top priorities.
Starting with what to keep doing focuses on what you or your team know how to do, building on strengths and fostering a sense of control over the changing circumstances.

3. Create a summary of key responsibilities, actions, and behaviors to STOP doing.
If people are unclear about what to stop doing, they often keep doing it, adding to their existing workload. When in crisis mode,  you or your team members become overwhelmed, and performance suffers. Or, if you don’t specify what to stop doing, they may decide for themselves what to stop, bringing confusion and poor results. Some past habits and activities just don’t make sense in the Covid lockdown environment.

4. Summarize responsibilities, actions, or behaviors to START doing, their start dates, and what will be done to support the transition.
You’ve reduced your stress by figuring out what no longer needs to be done. Now you can set change in motion by deciding about new activities you and your team need to begin. Decide what additional support and resources that encourage you and your team to help and change themselves. That “help yourself ” mindset builds additional change capability within you and others.

5. Revisit key accountabilities as part of group and one-to-one change progress updates.
Expectations, goals, KPI’s and process need to be current as a change evolves through Covid. Make it a priority to revisit these at regular, planned intervals. You may have to consult your boss or even your family as circumstances evolve. Consider passing out a completed version of the worksheet on the following pages as a job aid to your boss, team or family members.

You may download the Keep Start Stop Worksheet here.

Use it yourself as a way to raise your productivity and motivation or lead your team in this activating change through Covid exercise. Chart your new journey!

Michael J Griffin
ELAvate Founder
John Maxwell Team Founder


About Michael Griffin

Michael is the CEO of ELAvate Global and Equipping Leaders for Asia Pte. Ltd. Over 40+ years, his career has revolved around developing leaders, especially sales leaders, in emerging nations. Mr. Griffin has spent the majority of his 40+ year career in Asia. His areas of expertise include Sales Productivity, Senior Executive Development, Cross Cultural Leadership, Strategy Mapping and Balanced Scorecard.

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