Fatal Flaws in the Frontline:
21 Ways to Fix Sales Performance Gaps

21 Ways to Fix Sales Performance Gaps-145x205Think about your elite sales professionals – the ones you can count on to make goal, grow their numbers and earn customer loyalty. Chances are they’re experts at ‘switching hats’ as opportunities demand, from detective to confidant to problem solver to analyst. How do they wear so many hats so well?

New research points to a universal success factor shared by top sales performers–a constant focus on the customer. Success follows when their every word and deed is guided by a desire to uncover, understand and solve customer challenges.

If you’re looking to build a team of high performing, customer-focused sales professionals, discover the worldwide research findings in a new eBook by AchieveGlobal. You will learn about specific customer-oriented skills and behaviors you can sharpen to boost the performance of your sales team.

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  • Current sales trends impacting frontline sales performance
  • 27 performance drivers linked to positive sales outcomes
  • 19 skill areas where even veteran sales professionals struggle
  • Two tools to diagnose gaps and weaknesses in your team’s sales abilities
  • 21 ways you and your team can strengthen sales performance in vulnerable areas

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