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Up Your VQ for Sales Success

By Michael J. Griffin, ELAvate Founder Dear ELAvate Sales Leaders, Covid has caused massive changes in the way we sell. Virtual selling is here to stay. B2B sales people will use the same B2B selling skills to build relationships, trust

Why More Sales Leaders Are Investing in Sales Coaching

By Julie Thomas, CEO of ValueSelling Associates “Everyone needs a coach.” Bill Gates selected these words to open his TED Talk with impact. Interestingly, the point he emphasizes — and the single common attribute of all high-performing individuals, from billionaire chief executive

Running in Sand: 2020 Trends in Sales Management and Coaching

Research Paper by CSO Research/Miller Heiman Group ELAvate Partner in Sales Enablement Few practitioners feel the impact of the rapidly shifting dynamics of the sales industry like sales managers. Sitting at the intersection of the sales organization, frontline sellers and

Top sales leadership skills needed to develop top performing salespeople

by GrowthPlay Library If you want a top performing sales organization, you need the consistent ability to coach and enable salespeople to success. Providing motivation is a component, but results come when your managers have a cadence that helps them

Sales Coaching – Who is Doing it?

By Tamara Schenk of CSO Insights, an ELAvate Sales Research Partner ELAvate has been working with sales organizations across Asia to improve the attitude and ability of sales managers to get revenue results through effective sales coaching. One size does

Key questions that will help you be a better sales coach

by GrowthPlay Library Providing constructive and consistent feedback is an important part of coaching your sales reps to success. Being an effective sales coach and understanding how to give productive feedback and drive success on your teams takes practice. Opportunity

Leading Sales Productivity KPI’s: Keys to Accelerating Sales

By Michael J Griffin, Founder ELAvate Sales! It is amazing how many large companies with B2B sales teams do an incomplete job of measuring both Leading and Lagging Sales Key Performance Indicators. A Quick Review: Lagging KPI’s are history. Driving

75 Key Sales Statistics That’ll Help You Sell Smarter in 2019

This is a very interesting read. As I read it, I reflected on my personal sales activities and my coaching of my sales team. Read on…….., Reflect, and Rejig your sales priorities and processes. Sales Prospecting Statistics 1. More than

Want to Exceed Sales Targets? Have a Dynamic Yet Active Sales Methodology

Having an effective sales methodology starts with sales coaching. Many sales organizations have a defined methodology (even if it isn’t followed). They may have sales methodology training services that meet expectations. Yet, they can’t really call their sales methodology a

Peer Sales Coaching – A New Paradigm of Growing Your Sales Success

Last week, Verne Harnish of Gazelles, referred me to an article on Peer Coaching. It was a good read and made me think about how ELAvate has used Peer Coaching for sales people for the past two decades. Let’s review

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