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A Probing Primer – A Review of Good Question Skills

by Michael J Griffin, Founder ELAvate Sales, MHG Master Sales Trainer for 35 years “If you can’t ask good questions, you will never be a great sales person.” Jeffry Gitomer “Good sales people ask great questions.” Adapted from John Maxwell

My Most Productive Sales Questions

Sales Blog #80 — My Most Productive Sales Questions

Over the past 30 years in global B2B sales, I have found a number of questions that accelerate the decision making process for my customers. Remember the customer is always the “pilot” but you, by your effective probing, are the

Customers are Willing to Pay More!

Sales Blog #59 - Customers are Willing to Pay More!

Last week I had the revealing experience to attend SPIN Selling Conversations, the new updated version of this global sales program. It took me to a new level of skill as a sales leader to come to collaborative, mutually beneficial

Are Your Sales and Marketing Aligned?

Though serving different functionalities, the distinction between “sales” and “marketing” is often being blurred. Nevertheless, both functions usually need to co-exist in order to achieve the common objective: to create value for the company as well as its customers. Thus,

Global Sales People Ask Great Questions

Ask Great Questions

Your Foundation for Sales Leadership Recently Dr. John Maxwell published a very thought provoking book called “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.” I read the book with my usual salesperson bias as I believe the most successful sales people are those who engage the customer

iProbes – Dynamite Questions for More Focused Customer Conversations

We all have seen the changes in our day-to-day activities because of the “iProducts” Apple has introduced around the globe.  In the world of selling skills, Xerox Learning Systems, way back in the early 1970’s brought us the word “probing”

You are too Expensive!

Banner - Addressing Price Drawback

In many countries, it is “fair game” to hit you with a price objection right at the beginning of a B2B sales visit. On the other hand, most sales training programs assume and teach that price objections usually occur after

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