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The Seven Dimensions of Culture Certification Workshop By Dr. Fons Trompenaars in Singapore!


I normally do not use my blog space to “promote” but this is an excellent exception. In 1994, I read the book “Riding the Waves of Culture” by Dr. Fons Trompenaars. This book and it’s exposition of Seven Dimensions of

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DISC Uncovered: Under the Influence of People as a high-I

people talking big size

By Dave Clark The staff writer and editor at TTI Success Insights. Having a deeper understanding of people’s behavioral styles can provide significant insight into how to better communicate with them. Using a proven science such as DISC can help

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Marketing With the 12 Driving Forces


By E.M. Godsman, ELAvate Global This downloaded handy table (adapted from TTI Success Insights), presents the 12 forces as a continuum under 6 different keywords. Each section highlights the main driving force of that particular style and offers a a

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The ROI of Sales Messaging

Sales Blog #74 — The ROI of Sales Messaging

Remember, there’s as much differentiation in how you sell as there is in what you sell. The rise of the connected, informed buyer demands the B2B sales organization have a granular focus into how it’s engaging with customers, both digitally

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Do You Give Recognition To People that Support Your Sales Success?

Sales Blog #63 - Do You Give Recognition To People that Support Your Sales Success?

In the sales environment, we sales people are in a high verbal, communication environment. Sure, customers may reject us, but when we sign that deal, especially that big deal, the high fives and verbal kudos come for a job well

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Are Your Sales and Marketing Aligned?


Though serving different functionalities, the distinction between “sales” and “marketing” is often being blurred. Nevertheless, both functions usually need to co-exist in order to achieve the common objective: to create value for the company as well as its customers. Thus,

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5 Discussion Tips to Engage Sales Calls in Cyberspace

Effective Communication in the Cyberspace | ELAvate! Sales Blog

In this global sales environment, communication has been made so easily available and convenient through the technological advancements over the years. With all sorts of telecommunications from text messages, emails to online conference meetings, it is without a doubt that

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