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2020 is Near – Are You Ready for a Great Year?

By Michael J Griffin, Founder ELAvate, John Maxwell Team Founder, Executive ELAvate Coach With 2020 on a few weeks away, it is time to reflect on 2019 and prepare for a more significant 2020. Here are ten questions for you

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One Size Fits All ? Not in Sales!


Wikipedia describes “One size fits all” as a description of a product that would fit in all instances. The term has been extended to mean one style or procedure would fit in all related applications. Many sales managers seem to

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Positive Mental Attitude


Attitude is a state of mind that is self induced. It can help you overcome most obstacles but why doesn’t everyone have one? According to Jeffrey Gitomer there is a simple formula that helps develop a positive attitude with us.

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Do You Give Recognition To People that Support Your Sales Success?

Sales Blog #63 - Do You Give Recognition To People that Support Your Sales Success?

In the sales environment, we sales people are in a high verbal, communication environment. Sure, customers may reject us, but when we sign that deal, especially that big deal, the high fives and verbal kudos come for a job well

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The Seven Virtues of a Successful B2B Sales Person

Sales Blog #62 - The Seven Virtues of a Successful B2B Sales Person | ELAvate Sales Blog

While in the USA recently, I came across Dr. Patrick Lencioni’s new book “The Ideal Team Player.” His insightful treatise on the 3 virtues of an ideal team player got me thinking about the “Virtues of a Successful B2B Sales

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The Co-opetition Culture

The Co-opetition Culture | ELAvate! Sales Blog

Over the years of consulting with B2B sales teams, I have noticed four characteristics of all B2B sales teams: Salespeople love recognition for their success; Salespeople can be very competitive; Salespeople have difficulty sharing information; and Salespeople can be envious

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Evaluate Your Sales Attitude


There are many key qualities that makes a successful salesperson. Driven, confident, self disciplined, relational, just to name a few. However, to possess all of these traits, it comes down in one word. ATTITUDE. The attitude of a salesperson can considerably

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What It Takes to Be a New Sales Leader

What It Takes to Be a New Sales Leader | ELAvate! Sales Blog

Coming into February, we at ELAvate Sales hope that your growth plan and resolutions for sales leadership are still right on track. I believe that many salespeople are aspired to break through and step up as sales leaders this year.

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Selling With Passion

Selling with Passion | ELAvate! Sales Blog

To be a successful salesperson, one of the most important virtues one should possess is passion. Passion is more than just a mental or emotional state; it comes with hard work as well. Passion can be achieved from hours of

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