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The 9 Dimensions of a Great Sales Attitude

Attitude is everything

by Michael J Griffin, Founder ELAvate!, MHG Master Sales Trainer, John Maxwell Team Founder Your sales attitude can be the most important factor in your success or failure as a career sales person. Just saying “ a good attitude is

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Positive Mental Attitude


Attitude is a state of mind that is self induced. It can help you overcome most obstacles but why doesn’t everyone have one? According to Jeffrey Gitomer there is a simple formula that helps develop a positive attitude with us.

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5 of My Favorite Sales Articles From ELAvate Global

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By E.M. Godsman, ELAvate Global Although my PhD research focuses on leadership, reading through the ELAvate sales blog has become a bit of an obsession of mine. The quality and quantity of materials that ELAvate has compiled over the years

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Begin Your Planning for 2017 by Building the Lego House!

Sales Blog #75 — Begin Your Planning for 2017 by Building the Lego House!

With 2017 only a couple of weeks away, many of us begin to look at how 2016 went and what goals might we set for 2017. Goals should not provide life balance but give you a wholesome life. I compare

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Evaluate Your Sales Attitude


There are many key qualities that makes a successful salesperson. Driven, confident, self disciplined, relational, just to name a few. However, to possess all of these traits, it comes down in one word. ATTITUDE. The attitude of a salesperson can considerably

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Unlearn for Your Sales Success

Unlearn for Your Sales Success | ELAvate! Sales Blog

Did you start the New Year with a list of resolutions? Your personal promises may lead to changes in your life to support even greater success in 2016. I though have learned the hard way that many resolutions, goals and

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Plan Your Success and Growth for 2016!


2015 has finally come to a close, and it is time to look back and review your sales journey for the past year. Whether the year has been a breeze or packed with challenges, 2015 was regardless a eventful and

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The 2 Most Important Attitudes to Become a Successful Salesperson


How has this year of selling been for you? As we come to the end of the year, I reflect on the attitudes of the successful sales guru and one of my personal heroes, Jeffrey Gitomer. A change in your

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5 Key Intangibles of Sales Leadership

5 Key Intangibles of Sales Leadership | ELAvate! Sales Blog

Sales leadership is a journey. Successful salespeople focus on the journey of sales rather than the goal. They realize that ensuring the clients and decision makers/influencers and you being on the same bus in the right seats, is more important

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Don’t Let Your Dreams Be… Just Dreams

Don't Let Your Dreams Be... Just Dreams | Attitude | ELAvate Sales

Everyone has his or her moments of daydreaming, and I am certainly no different. Sometimes, we just stare into blank space, let our imagination run free and dream about all the best (or worst) possibilities. But have you ever thought

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