Author: Jeffrey Gitomer

Sales Fitness Exercises. Are You Doing Enough of Them?

by Jeffrey Gitomer If you would do it later why wouldn’t you do it now? I met a guy on the plane who was an area director for a major shoe store chain. “Suppose I went into your store and

Do It. Speaking

 by Jeffrey Gitomer “Whenever I watch someone give a speech, or make a presentation, I always listen for their first few words. It tells me what type of presentation they are about to give. Most presentations are exceptionally ineffective, and

Consultative Selling – The hardest and easiest way to sell

 by Jeffrey Gitomer What do you get when you combine a salesperson with a consultant? The most powerful method of selling. Don’t fight the title “Salesperson,” “Sales Representative” or Account Executive.” Abandon it. If you’re willing to put forth the

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