Author: Michael Griffin

Five Practices of Effective (Sales) Executives Adapted from the Daily Drucker

      By Michael J Griffin 2 min read Peter Drucker words of wisdom resonate with executives all over the world. We, in B2B sales, are the “executives” of our ability to create loyalty through influence and problem solving

Inspiration for Selling Through Covid – Quotes from Winners

      By Michael J Griffin 3 minute read For most of us, selling is tougher during Covid. We must recharge and motivate ourselves to sell – daily. I needed some inspiration and insights to keep me positive and

Selling Virtually? You Know Most of the Skills Already!

      By Michael J Griffin 3 minute read B2B salespeople now have to sell virtually. Guess what?  You have been selling virtually all along using our cellphone, WhatsApp and Skype. You have been part of virtual meetings, using

The Three Challenges of a Complex Sale – Insights from Jeff Thull

    Adapted from the Growth Institute  Last week Alex Faust of The Growth Institute hosted Jeff Thull, the author of Mastering the Complex Sale, for online webinar to discuss how you and your team can overcome the top 3

What’s the Top Selling Skill in This Covid World?

By Michael J. Griffin, Founder ELAvate 4 minute read For many of us our 2020 sales targets and goals are in tatters. New environments to master, new technologies to employ for our sales meetings. Possible family and work from home

Once Again by Popular Demand! Free “Up Your VQ” Virtual Training Program – Register online today

By Michael J. Griffin, ELAvate Founder Dear ELAvate Friends, You’ve heard of IQ and EQ. Now learn how to “ELAvate your VQ” –  your Virtual Quotient! Dr. John Maxwell has said “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. In the

Virtual Selling Conversations with Customers Master the Technology!

By Michael J. Griffin, ELAvate Founder Recently I conducted Up Your VQ! webinars for my clients on how to have better business discussions via virtual platforms. When we polled our audience, 72% said one of their biggest frustrations is the

Up Your VQ for Sales Success

By Michael J. Griffin, ELAvate Founder Dear ELAvate Sales Leaders, Covid has caused massive changes in the way we sell. Virtual selling is here to stay. B2B sales people will use the same B2B selling skills to build relationships, trust

How are You Coping and Growing Through the Covid Crisis?

Dear ELAvate Friends, Covid is causing you to change. These changes can make you a better leader, a better spouse, and even a better parent. How are you growing or coping through this Covid changes and maintaining healthy relationships? My

The Keep, Stop, Start Tool – Review Your Daily Job During Covid

      Adapted from AchieveGlobal 4 minute read Covid and lockdown may have upended your daily life and your sales activities. We are normally are out and about, meeting customers, doing deals, or just networking to meet our sales

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